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I have lived most of my life in Kansas City, Missouri USA.  In the beginning most of my knowledge was "self taught."  I started writing web pages in 1994.  Way back then, there wasn't any tools, to help you make a web page.  So I used what everyone else did at that time, I used MS notepad.  Since there were very few books on the Internet available at the time I just studied how other people made web pages and that is how I learned. 


As time went on and clear up to today I have strived to learn the latest innovations to the Internet.  I have never been satisfied with my knowledge of the Internet and have always wanted to learn more.  This quest for knowledge has driven me to where I am today.  That fascination with the Internet and the need to abreast with the latest developments. 


As my business has grown over the years I have been forced to expand my technology base.   When I had so many web pages that I could not afford the web hosting fees I started my own web hosting company.  When my web pages pages developed a lot of traffic I started my own web banner advertising business.  So, without going into all of the details I think you can see what has driven me to this point.


I am telling you all of this because, I feel that when you are trying to decide to use my services and do business with me you need to know a lot about me.



The Internet is a playground for original thinking.  You have to constantly be trying to create something different and better.  One of the things that drives me crazy is to watch people make the same type of web pages all the time.   Barbecue web pages are a good example.  Years ago I made the first barbecue web page on the Internet.  It had recipes, contest results, a forum and link to barbecue associations.  Since then there have been tens of thousands of barbecue web pages made by people, that use the same theme as that web page I made.  If your can't figure out something different then don't do it.


I always am looking for new innovative ways to produce my work. I just am never satisfied with the "status quo." I firmly believe that if you not always striving to find better ways of doing the things you are in fact in delcine.

That's why I recently adopted a new system for making web pages.  I had to go through a huge learning curve.  The result of this change is, that I now am able to create better web pages in half the time.

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Mission Statment

I design a very limited number of web pages for my clients.  I don't think a lot of people want web pages made for them that require a lot of extra charges when the page needs to be updated.  I try to design web pages so the client can make a lot of the simple changes to their web page as time goes by.  My clients know that if they need help I will always be there to help them but with the "client friendly" sites I build they don't need to call me very often.

"Cutting Edge" Technology

I spend a several hours every day on my continuing education.  I subscribe to several news letters and attend live and online line seminars.  I constantly try to educate myself.  I read several Internet forums and and blogs daily. Knowledge is power, unfortunately most people arrogantly refuse to improve themselves.  You must lean something new and valuable every minute of every day.

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