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Several years ago I had the need to provide banner advertising for my web pages about barbecue.  So I set up my own banner generating network. It's a very robust system powered by a Microsoft SQL Server located on a Windows 2003 dedicated server.  It has the capability of generating hundreds of thousands of banner ads per day. 


At the present time this banner network is generating banners over over quite a few web pages all about barbecue.  The advertising that we sell is as targeted as it gets.  We only display banner ads about barbecue related products on barbecue web sites. 


We have  the ability of displaying a variety of different sized banner at the same time.  The following is a sample of these banners, their size and type.

  • The large format banners are 729 X 90 pixels and this makes of the bulk of the banners we now display
  • Banners that are 468 X 60 pixels used to be the industry leading size banners but that has changed in recent years.
  • We also display a small number of 100 X 160 pixel banners
  • Some of our sites make use of our static text banners
  • We display a growing number of dynamic generated text banner on message boards like Simple Machine Forums.


All of the banner advertising we generate comes with complete 24/7 detailed statistics for our clients.  To learn more about our targeted banner advertising contact Ray Basso direct on the "Contact Ray" link on this web page or visit our banner advertising web page.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 06 January 2007 )

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